Pre-departure check list

Feelings of Excitement and anxiety were pretttttty present before I left but heres my to do list to be as prepared as possible (not that I was but this will hopefully be of some use to anyone planning to make the move) and help with the transition

  1. Visa
  2. Flight booked
  3. car – if your planning to stay a while why not sell it?
  4. ni ( national insurance number) – this can only be applied for once you are in the UK and takes approx 6 weeks to turn around. You can work without iit but will be charged a higher tax rate till it comes through. Call # once you arrive and you have to provide an address for the paper work to be delivered so this can be difficult if you of course most likely don’t have an address however if you know anyone out theirs down on the mean time or if your staying at a hostel see if they can accept your postage. Once you do get a permanent address just call the NI and advise your change of address.
  5. job – recruiter contacts – this is a huge industry in London so there are sooo many temp agencies and agencies that will help you find a job.
  6. house – spareroom/friends/friends of friends/cousins of friends friends till you find a place
  7. sell sell sell – all your crap so you have some spare money as the pound vs Ais dollar isn’t great – I did plenty of market stalls sold my bed/car/clothes/anything I could get my hands on and some how here in london I’ve accumulated so much more
  8. Wine – wine wine wine. To settle those nerves and when is wine a bad idea? You’ll be drinking everyday in London also so may as well get into the spirit. They call it the Heathrow injection!


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