Chatting to my housemate Libby today (one of the three Kiwis I live with in my share house) and we were discussing how shocked we are that it’s been over two months since arriving in London.

time just flys here as there is always something happening. Tonight is so called Bonfire night where the city all celebrate …. And let off fire crackers. I have been hearing them outside my window since I got home so I’m sure we’ll all get a great  sleep tonight.  Seeing the fireworks from our lounge window is pretty amazing though. Just an ordinary Thursday night yet again something is happening in this crazy city.

I’m loving my job so fat, Not many people can say this and yep I’m only 6 weeks in I may not even pass my probation then this would be hilarious to read but so far I think I’m doing ok! We’re all heading out to see the WWE wrestling tomorrow night as my client has abit to do with them and I work in advertising so it should be an experience! My director goes on paternity leave in two weeks. His wife is having twins, it’s their first child/children should I say…the poor thing is so excited and nervous, his been filling me in on their birthing classes and the graphic videos they have had to watch and I can certainly wait for my turn.. Then again I’d have to find a man and have not had the best of luck here in that department. Just last week I met a guy who has just moved here from Finland. Absolutely gorgeous as they all are on that side of the globe. Anyway after our first date I may have stalked him and noticed his display picture was him and a girl, long story cut short yes he fessed up.. He has a gf. Men. Actually Euro men. Swiss.Brittish.Fenish. The list definitely goes on

last week I went to a work function it was a Halloween themed party one of the media vendors hosted it and there was a palm and fortune teller there. Apparently there’s good things to come.

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