Market Days

Sundays in London are my favourite day. When not hung over that is, and lets be honest it is a massive win on a Sunday, saturday and friday when your not feeling like you’ve had one too many gin and slims at the pub.

But other then those I do love Sundays here. Reason is there are so many markets in London! I had been going to Shoreditch most weekends to the Spitafields market it is my favourite market by far in London. There’s a flower market not far also down on Columbia road. The shoreditch market has so much to see, buy and eat! From vintage clothing, local art, furniture,  to Ethiopean, French, Italian, Vegan whatever culture and it is you fancy food. Love it! I took my parents when they came to visit and we spent the entire day walking around and eating, watching buskers and just exploring all Shoreditch has to offer.

Theres my rant about Shoreditch done today I actually went to the Camden market. Located in the North of London I was surprised how easy it was to get there from my house. Just an overground train 30min later I was there. Transport here is amazing when it’s not peak hour! Camdens a great market I met my friend who I used to work with back at home Swathi there and we spent the day wandering around tasting food samples (continue sly returning to the Spanish donut line for more samples) eating, and looking at stores from clothing to spiritual stone stores. Now I think about it I have to go back and get myself a stone. It was such a great way to spend the last part of my weekend.

Another good market is broadway which is about a 20 minute walk away from Bethnal Green its quite small but yummy food and cakes!






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