Tube lyf

The joys of not having a car in London.

At home you just jump in your car and zip down and around town boom a million things done in a couple hours. Lost my bank card today so all plans out the window and on a Saturday also! So I found the closest open bank and thought I’d walk it’s a 30min walk however 8degrees and raining outside. For some reason I hate buses mainly here in London especially peak time when you wait and a couple pass by as they are too full to pack any more people on so you end up walking anyway. So I walked to the bank. I’m lucky though as I live near Cheswick which is a beautiful little town and only 30min away, went bank, did groceries and back home. So much for going to Westfield to buy a much needed winter jacket. That can be tomorrow’s mission once recovered from tonight.

ive just started a course with work also it’s recognised world wide which will be great for when I’m back home! Going to make the most of some down time and do some reading! X

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