Missing Home

So its been a good 8 months I’ve been away from home now! Time has flown so quickly its crazy. I spent my first two months traveling around Europe solo which was an amazing experience in itself. 6 months into my London life and I’m finally feeling really quite settled..kind of.. as settled as I can be a whole world away from family and my close friends.

I have however in 6 months made some friends that i know ill have for life.
Tania who i spent almost two weeks with sharing her bed when i arrived.. what was meant to be a few nights… we formed a love for each other and really don’t think i would have been able to get through my first few months without her! Ive met some others along the way also Kate who I work with she’s another Aussie, we started on the same day and she’s a crazy ball of madness! i absolutely love her she is a guarantee laugh and you won’t know why. Then Swathi who I used to work with at Pac brands who i randomly bumped into two weekends in a row at the Spitalfields market and had to do a double take the first time saying “what the hell are you doing here!” she’s my little bubbly party buddy. we spent valentines together at a cute cafe with a few other girls she knows from here.

My cousin Michelle had her baby today! Georgia Rose 🙂 Sooo beautiful! it was really a weird feeling sitting at my desk knowing she’s just had her baby and i can’t go and cuddle them both! I sent Michelle a message on Facebook telling her when she is feeling up to it to give me a call and how I wish i could give them both a big squeeze and i was so happy to receive a call back not expecting her to be awake! must have been all the drugs and adrenaline!
of course i was all teary eyed and emotional i was just so happy to see her. Bloody love Skype or actually FaceTime ahhhh so yes thats been one of the obvious difficulties being away however family are family and its unconditional love. Plus I am returning in November for one of my best friend Lauras wedding in November (that I am so so proudly bridesmaide in 🙂 )

It was also my brothers dirty 30th this weekend. I spent this weekend in as I am quite broke! so it was nice being able to speak to him we skyped and i wished him a happy birthday. He also gave me some brotherly advise which i always love. Its so straight out and i know ill get pure honestly from him. X

So yes – Missing home happens but I am constantly reminding myself how fast the past few months have gone and i know when i do finally get home ill be just remembering what a crazy fun experience London has been. Time is ticking and I have 1.5 years left on my visa actually a tad less – my big decision at the moment is whether to come home after the wedding or stay in Melb for Summer.. the constant mind battle!

Till Next time XX




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  1. Nikki says:

    My beautiful other little sister…. We miss like mad too, however we couldn’t be more prouder of you showing your strength in going of to londontown and seeing up a new life.
    Your truly amazing babe and I’m certain Michelle will let you hold Georgia a whole day if you must all to yourself…. No interruptions from mum.. Lol!!!


    1. Yes I will!! I have to make up for a shit load of missed cuddles!!! As with Alessia!!! everyone will be smothered! love you xoxo


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