Too much poor at the end no middle of the month

I had heard London was a bit of a struggle town –
I really just thought people were complaining or weren’t prepared enough before arriving. No.. no no.. its true. example numero uno

The reason I’m writing this is apart from it being quite a little life challenge here is i was just telling mum i need to start counting pennies on Skype i waled out of the room and actually see my house mate Ronja with all her coins spread out on the couch counting them. (ill up load the photo to this post of her pennies – almost spelt penis then – she’s a girl)

Its been quite funny actually. Last month I was at the market with Kate and it was sooo freezing i thought ok stuff this I’m buying a jumper (mind you i had a jumper and a puff jacket on but I don’t cope with cold so yes i needed another layer otherwise i was convinced my arms were going to drop off! seriously it was a cold day.
anyway.. 10pound jumper… um decline?? how?? oh yes that “balance” doesn’t mean “balance” ….. anyway i should have check available balance and lets just say i didn’t have 10 pounds…
the reason mayyyyy have also been as i had just bought a really really really really cute backpack which was mmm lets say more. than. 10. pounds. about 5 times more..
Let me LIVE!!!! anyway the bag is so cute.. i won’t be using it for at least 3 months as its very bright and not water proof.. but it will be worth it in SUMMER i tell you!!!

soo potentially for this very reason.. and the fact i pay a shizen load of rent!!! i blame the rent!! is why i ate lentils all week for lunch and dinner.. if you ever need to know how to cook lentils i seriously am the lentil queen in the household!

Of course rent can get an honorable mention in this post.. due to the fact that its sa total rip here. I can honestly say that yes my room is quite nice. so is my house. but i live in Acton/Shepherds bush AKA Shebu (as the Aussies call it) there is nothing on this end of town but Westfield and a bunch of ethnic fruit shops and Joes Hairdresser (where Ronja and I both get our hair cuts) 12pounds! absolute Bargin in London. It could be as Joe is Im pretty sure a mmmm lets say 60 year old lebanese semi balled overweight man… but hey! he can cut hair and i can spend the 40 quid i saved on gin and tonics over the weekend so which would you choose?!



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