Friend grabbing

In this post I’m talking about a certain technique my friend Shannon and I like to call “friend grabbing”

Ive been meaning to write about his since a conversation I had with a Shannon a Kiwi girl I met in Lagos (Portugal) when i first left Australia, came over for dinner to my place in London a few months back.

Yeah such a small world! I met Shannon in Lagos in my hostel ( I stayed at two hostels as I was there for two weeks ) Gold Coast hostel was where we both stayed and I had also stayed at Algarve hostel which I would HIGHLY recommend if your ever in south Portugal.Take me back!!!

Anyway she was visiting lagos on her own just a little weekender getaway to get out of London. Such a great idea and I love that she just took the little trip by herself rather than relying on friends to finally book it.

So chatting over dinner in my little London flat about meeting people on the other side of the world and then having that something in common and meeting again in a completely other country – oddly enough this has happened to me so many times where I’ve bumped into people from my trip here.

We were talking about how moving to London especially when your not moving with a few friends from home can be daunting – and its funny to think that one of the main things which had me out of my comfort zone or just not at ease for a while was not having my close friends here with me.

I know a lot of people would deal with this differently. But we both agreed that coming to a city to live you of course need to find a house and job number 1 but most important is to make a positive bunch of friends who you can call and not have to worry about what time it  is back home. Friends you can experience London with.

We decided to give our technique of recruiting friends. “Friend grabbing”

Literally because you may meet a nice fellow Aussie or expat or even a Londoner at a bar or be introduced to someone you click with and decide then and there to yourself ..”yes i like you you’re now one of my friend’s” haha whether they know it or not.

It not a desperate attempt to make friends – its I guess a way you instinctively put yourself out there. London is such a big place and although there are so many people that live here oddly enough people just aren’t as open as at home. Im not sure why i think its just the culture or that possibly there are just so many people that no one seems to care. People here like anyplace are friendly however you need to break the ice first.

So far so good!





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