Dalston is the shit

My first official home in London was in Shepherds Bush. “of course you live there!” is the usual response I would receive as thats”where all the Aussies live”.
Yes it is true, but to be honest we are actually everywhere!

I soon discovered that although my little home in Shebu was very cute and for what I pay and not a shoe box, that I really loved the East side and seemed to head that way every weekend.

After a good 8 months of living in London I have finally moved to Dalston and i couldn’t be happier.

Dalston E8 is a quirky part of town
My first day I managed to get out of the house after Swathi’s house party at midday. Not bad! then i went on a walk for a good 4 hours….!
Walking past bars, London Fields Park, Broadway Market where I stopped for a delicious vegan roll and through Victoria park  where I sat in the sunshine by the lake and had a coffee.

Word of advise to anyone moving to London .. move EAST it absolutely shits all over west well in my opinion. its just a young fun cultured place to be with endless bars what else could you ask for x



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