Summertime happiness

Its mid July and finally we’re seeing those rays of sunshine!
Life is so much better when the suns out no matter where you live and although there’s always endless fun to be had here, when its warm there is nothing to complain about when you can wear a limited amount of clothing and spend endless hours lying in the sun at London fields park.

London is absolutely jam packed with festivals this time of year.
Just last week there was the BST festival which is British Summer Time.
It runs for about a week i went to the pre-party where my housemate Floyd was djing at sa exclusive ra ra.. then on Saturday we went to the Florence and the machine and Kendric Lamar night all of them held at Hyde park.

Field Day: this was a few weeks ago and James Blake headlined one of my fav artists.
Its a little bit more of an indie festival with an onslaught of hipsters all wearing their wellie boots as weather had predicted it bucketed it down! we had retreated to a little hut we found which was actually heaps of fun as they served cocktails so it was better than lining up for the bar! Dry + cocktails #winning

not sure what it is but it seems like British culture when the suns out to go sit in the park and have a bbq any night of the week. Probably because most people don’t have big back yards like at home.. we do but there’s nothing like sitting in a park full of locals all out to have a piss up / bbq in the park. There are also these £2 disposible bbqs you can buy from tesco such a great idea!



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