relocation of your location

having a mere two weeks (not even) of London time left before i head back to mother land Australia – Melbourne I thought there must be so many things I’ve learnt from my move.

From friendships, relationships, resilience, independence, and purpose..

definitely still learning all and more of the above although writing this down may help some of you who may be wanting to set sail and challenge yourself to building so many chapters in your life story.

So here below are my tick offs which i believe will help level you and give you a little guidance when not knowing what the hell to expect

  1. Curiosity – when arriving and from that time on wards be curious.
    talk to people, read daily updates on whats happening in your new city, the news, new bars, restaurants, cultural events, places to hang, gigs, parks all of it.
    Life is what you make it and if you move and stay confined to a particular place or people then who knows what your missing out on. Stay open and see what you find.
  2. Patience – i went through ups and downs, I’ve been the most happy and high on life i think i have ever been while in London, and also have had many lows. At many times a ticket back home was an option but to be honest for me just an option. I knew i wanted to wait it out but you have to want to also.
    It took me a good 6 – 8 months before i felt like i knew my place, friends. we don’t realise at home we have grown up and accumulated things but starting a fresh you have to be patient.
    You wont slide happily into life it will take time to adjust and to build true friendships and new habits but it is all still so exciting whilst doing so!
  3. Be resilient – You wont know how difficult times can be until you experience them and are shaken up. You might feel your entire world has been tossed around and you’re wondering what have you done. But be strong and believe in yourself. Everything happens for a reason stay positive, focused, active and independent. If you’ve moved over then you already have it in you to be resilient.
  4. Intuition – listen to it.
  5. Courage – You’re an adventurer. you wouldn’t have moved if you weren’t. know you have courage and be proud of that. Have the courage to expand your personal boundaries who knows where you or I will go next!!

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